Bulldog Chest Harnes

This harness is best when tied on men because the lack of curves on their chest helps keep the ropes flat.
Bulldog Chest Harness Shibari

Shinju Chest Harness

This is very similar to the Bikini Harness, except you can use this tie for suspensions because, unlike the Bikini Harness, all the sections are locked
Shinju Chest Harness Shibari

Diamond Chest Harness with Flower Weave

A decorative and rope-consuming way to finish a diamond chest harness.
Diamond Chest Harness with Flower Weave

Gote Shibari - Mount Fuji Decoration

Start with a Gote Shibari and add a third rope in order to tie this decorative ending.
Gote Shibari Mount Fuji Decoration

Gote Shibari - Flower Weave

Start with a Gote Shibari, but instead of tying the rope twice around your partner's upper chest, go three times around. This will give you enough horizontal ropes to weave the rope through and create weaved flowers as a decorative twist to the simple chest harness.
Gote Shibari Flower Weave

Star Harness with Arms

We've already gone over how to tie the Star Harness, in this lesson, we will incorporate the immobilization of the arms behind the back.
Star Harness with Arms Shibari

Hishi Karada

Hishi means diamond in Japanese. Karada means full body. So basically, this is a full body(torso) diamond harness. The "Hishi" technique is widely used in many different ties. This is its most basic application, and a beautiful one.
Hishi Karada Shibari

Hishi Karada 2.0

Now that you know how to tie a Hishi Karada, try out this novel take on a traditional tie. It takes about 10 minutes to fully tie and requires you to be comfortable handling the ropes for best results.
Hishi Karada Shibari

Lightning Harness

This harness is one of my favorites. You start out with placing a slip-knot around your partner's neck. I know this goes against all safety rules, but you will make it safe in no time. It's also different from other ties we have gone over because you do not start by folding the rope in half. All in all, it's a great way to shake things up.
Lightning Harness Shibari

Straight Jacket

Even if you are not insane you can wear a straitjacket. In this case, by bringing Shibari into the mix, it might even be fun...
Shibari Straitjacket

Hexagon Chest Harness

This is not a commonly used chest harness but I find it contours the breasts nicely. Hope we make it a Shibari mainstream!
Shibari Hexagon Chest Harness

Loop-Chain Dress

Feeling fancy tonight? Add a bit of spice to your outfit with Shibari fashion. This loop-chain dress is easy to tie and quick to get off. It contours the body's curves beautifully.
Shibari Loop Chain Dress


Few accessories are as elegant as suspenders. Shibari inspired suspenders are the fashion statement you want to make! Easy to tie, comfortable to wear, intriguing to look at.
Suspenders Shibari

Dragonfly Harnes

It doesn't get much more elegant than this beautiful harness. It provides complete immobilization of the arms along with a stunning corset.
Dragonfly Harness Shibari

Hishi Chest Harnes

Recall that hishi means diamond in Japanese. A hishi chest harness literally means a diamond chest harness. The large diamonds in between the breasts make the namesake obvious.
Hishi Chest Harness Shibari