Hip Cuffs With Crotch Rope

This tie will keep the arms bound to the waist but we will add a crotch rope to make the session more enjoyable
Hip Cuffs With Crotch Rope Shibari

Diamond Shorts

You can't really see the diamond from this point of view, but believe me, it's on the other side. I just couldn't resist showing how lovely the ropes contour the body.
Diamond shorts Shibari

Waist Harness with Cuffs

This is a beautiful weave. You will need three ropes, two short ones (10ft) and one long one (30ft), so make sure you are prepared for it. You will use the "Hishi" technique you learned in prior lessons.
Waist Harness with Cuffs Shibari

Peach Shorts

The “Peach Shorts” look great on large bottomed people but even if you do not have a big butt, this tie is so much fun to tie. You will see how the rope leads itself and flows, making the tie obvious.
Shibari Peach Harness

Chain Stitch Corset

The Chain Stitch Corset takes some time to tie but is fairly simple. My recommendation is to tie it a little bit loose (by that I mean to say not so tight) in order to have enough room to add the decorative weave without restraining your partner’s ability to breathe comfortably.
Shibari Chain Stitch Corset

Chain Stitch Corset with Decorative Weave

Begin with the "Chain Stitch Corset" and add this beautiful weave to make it even more visually pleasing.
Shibari Chain Stitch Corset decorative weave