Horse Gag

It gets its name from its similarity with horse bit collars. This Horse Gag is great for Shibari beginners because it allows for some verbal communication.
Horse Gag Shibari

Bit Gag

It is thicker than the horse gag, but don't worry, most people can handle it. Recommended for our more advanced students that already have a deep understanding of their partners.
Big Gag Shibari

Handcuff Gag

This playful gag is made up of two simple ties you should already be familiar with. Mixing and matching basic ties to create new ones brings you closer to full Shibari mastery.
Handcuff gag Shibari

Hair Tie - Klemheist Hitch

Useful and elegant. This tie will keep your partner's hair out of the way. The Klemheist Hitch is quite popular among climbers and will hold under tension.
Hair Tie Klemheist Hitch Shibari

Hair Tie - Prusik Head

A creative use of the basic prusik head knot. This hair tie will tighten under tension regardless of the direction the tension is applied on
Hair Tie Prusik Head Shibari

Hair Tie - Lark's Head

Use a basic Lark's Head with a twist (quite literally) to tie your partner's hair. This elegant and sturdy tie will have you looking your best.
Hair Tie Lark's Head Shibari

Head Cage

This Head Cage will have you playing with patterns and hitches you have already learned but now viewed in a more delicate and aesthetically-driven light.
Head Cage Shibari

Horse Head Cage

Inspired by horses' harnesses, this Horse Head Cage incorporates a (quite comfortable) gag along with a securely fastened head tie.
Horse Head Cage Shibari