Server's Hand

Are you ready to serve your master? This server's hand tie uses a loose double coin knot placed on the fingers which works to pull the hand into a server's position.
Server's Hand Shibari

Arms to One Side

This is a comfortable way to immobilize your partner's arms and have them lay on one side.
Arms to one side Shibari

Prayer Tie

This is neither a single nor a double column tie. Instead, you will tie your partner's hands in a prayer position using a beautiful weave. I use a hemp rope with 1/4'' width. However, I recommend the use of a thinner rope so your partner is more comfortable and the knot is less bulky.
Prayer Tie shibari

Arm Binder

This tie is a little bit tricky. You will need to keep the tension throughout the entire time you are tying to keep the knots from slipping off. Are you ready for the challenge?
Arm Binder Shibari

Elbow Harness

This is a two-part tie. You will want your bottom to help you out by applying tension to the ropes at the beginning to keep them in place. You can actually finish this tie off by tying a double column tie on your partner's wrists at the end. We don't do this because it has no functional value, believe me, your partner will be quite immobilized. However, you can add it for aesthetic reasons.
Elbow Harness Shibari

Hojojutsu Capture

This tie actually uses a Hojojutsu technique, the precursor and inspiration for Shibari. Be careful with this tie because it uses a single rope (instead of the double rope we use in most ties) and is quite uncomfortable.
Hojojutsu Capture Shibari